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How to sharpen your knife

At Zen Knifewe only sell knifes that use stainless steel mixed with Cobalt, making the blades' difficult to chip, rust or get dull unlike traditional Japanese knives.

How to use sharpen your knife using a sharpening stone is the following.


  1. Start with a lower grit sharpening stone: Japanese knives are made of harder steel, so you will need a lower grit sharpening stone to start with. A grit of around 200-400 is a good place to start.

  1. Hold the knife at the proper angle: Japanese knives have a specific angle that they should be sharpened at, which is typically around 15-17 degrees. Hold the knife at this angle while sharpening.

  2. Use a honing rod: Before sharpening, use a honing rod to straighten out the blade. Hold the knife at the same angle as when sharpening and run the blade along the rod.

  3. Use a sharpening stone: Place the sharpening stone on a flat surface and apply a few drops of water to the stone. Hold the knife at the proper angle and gently run the blade along the stone, starting from the tip and working your way to the handle. Use long strokes and be sure to keep the angle consistent.

  4. Repeat with higher grit stones: Once you have finished sharpening with the lower grit stone, repeat the process with higher grit stones, such as 600-1000 grit. This will give the blade a finer edge.

  5. Finish with a leather strop: After sharpening, use a leather strop to give the blade a final polish. Hold the knife at the same angle as when sharpening and run the blade along the strop.